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YOU’RE FIRED! Biden Beat Trump in TV Speech Viewers

trump yelling

President Trump’s acceptance speech from the White House  had an average audience of 23.8 million viewers Thursday, putting him nearly 1 million viewers his Democratic opponent, Joe Biden.

Nielsen is tallied Biden’s total at 24.6 million 3% more than Trump

Trump’s total is also well below the 35 million TV viewers who watched him accept his party’s nomination in 2016 and falls short of the acceptance speeches of previous Republican nominees John McCain (38.9 million viewers in 2008), Mitt Romney (30.3 million viewers in 2012) and George W. Bush (27.6 million in 2004).

Over four nights, the Republican National Convention averaged 19.4 million viewers — down 21% from 2016 — compared with 21.6 million for the Democratic National Convention.

Of course Fox News had the dominant share of viewers throughout the week with its coverage led by anchors Bret Baier and Martha MacCallum. The network’s audience Thursday was the largest ever for prime-time cable coverage of a political convention.


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