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Letter From Whitney Black Alumni Calls on ABCUSD to ‘Protect Its Black Students’



THE ABCUSD and has received a scathing letter from the Black Alumni Association, demanding that Whitney High School “protect its black students.”

The letter was written under the leadership of the Black alumni “with the full support of alumni and current students and Whitney.”

The letter cited seven points that the association wanted to see addressed including zero tolerance, sensitivity training, reporting protocols, and changes in curriculum.

One point demanded that Whitney issue a statement on racism at the school.

“Issue a public stand and statement against racism and a commitment to change from Whitney High School administration. The statement should address Whitney’s past and present racial misconduct and hold Whitney accountable for its actions and [outline] future commitments to combat racial injustice. The statement should vocally and unequivocally denounce anti-Blackness at Whitney and express support explicitly for Black students who have bravely shared their traumatic experience.”

The letter ended, “It is imperative that Whitney takes this opportunity to hear us, see us, and take these actionable steps to transform the persistent toxic, anti-black, racist culture that exists. We are not satiated by the delicate words offered in Principal Briquelet’s  June 4 letter. We need more than attentive listening, we need active listening, we hope that all those in a position of power to change Whitney High  will move beyond words and into accountability and galvanized action.”



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