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Governors Should Form The Anti-Pandemic States of America!




Here is my dream….

Governors of states who want to rid the country of COVID-19 must take control now and create the Anti-Pandemic States of America.

Create a flag and use the slogan “Don’t Spread on Me!”

Create a travel ban, residents of states that do not have a lock down cannot travel to any states within the APSA, sorry, if you have no regards for your life stay in your own state.

The CDC just said there could be a second wave, keep your wave in your own state.

The goals of APSA would be what all health experts are calling for: increased testing, testing, testing, and PPE’s for medical workers.

In order to return to a normal life, we have to come up with some kind of instant testing kit, no one is going to go to restaurants, etc., if they think they can catch this virus.

The Orange Menace has done nothing to further testing, telling the states to do their own.

The Menace does not want to test, “don’t want those numbers to go up;” he said to cruise ship passengers, the numbers will make him look bad and you know Trump is all about his image.

Which is why we need to form the APSA, we will never get out of this pandemic with Trump and Doofus Pence in charge.

Heck, Pence promised 27 million tests by the end of March, at the time of this opine we had tested 4 million.

We need to test the workforce to activate the economy, that is 160 million people. Do the math, 1 million tests per day will take over five months.

APSA states would nominate a president, my choice is either Newsom, Cuomo or Congresswoman Val Demings. The president would represent all states and take control, hiring a guy like General Honoré to coordinate the battle against the feds.

Retribution? Trump won’t be able to do anything, because the great negotiator has backed himself into a corner, what is he going to do, cut funding from the states and be responsible for the deaths of thousands of more people?

An Honoré clone would use military ingenuity and beat Trump at his own game, immediately pooling all the state’s resources, hospitals, universities, and organizations within the APSA and fund them, any testing idea should be considered to corner the virus.

We have to do this now, we all saw the Morons in Michigan, the Sh*theads in San Clemente, the Hoards in Huntington Beach “rally”… all are followers of Trump and Fox News… with no care about catching a virus, and no care about our frontline medical workers once those morons get the virus.

And there will be more of these suicidal rallies coming.

Let the feds coordinate the growth of the economy, giving people paychecks using the very successful coronavirus Denmark model.

Give workers weekly paychecks through the unemployment model that is successful in most states (sorry Flori-DUH….Florida).

If you give workers paychecks, they will stay home while the testing is being built up so we can squelch this virus.

One final and very important part of the APSA Strategy.

The APSA President should conduct his/her press conference at the same time as Trump’s campaign rallies, errrr-ummm “coronavirus task force briefing,” so Trump will only be carried by Fox News.

I can hear the “Don’t Spread on Me” anthem now.

That’s my dream.

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