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Residents Complain About Food Offered at the Cerritos Senior Center


ONE OF THE MEALS offered at the Cerritos Senior Center, everything in the serving platter was frozen. “We are not expecting lobster,” said one resident, “but this is dog food. I took it to two doctors and they said it was very poor quality.” The resident has contacted the City Council



For over a month now, meals have been offered to seniors 50 and over at the Cerritos Senior Center on Tuesday and Wednesday between 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m.

But some residents are not happy with the quality of the meals.

The meals are provided by the Human Services Association (HSA) and partly subsidized by the City. City staff assists with the distribution of the meals and the suggested donation is $2.25 per meal and typically distributed in packages of 5 meals.

One resident listed the content with comments: 1 pear, hard and turning discolored, teeth breaker; 2- package cookies, hard as concrete- teeth breaker; 1- slice of wheat bread- thin as silver dollar, possibly run over by road-rage car tires;1- instant potatoes water down and transparent; 1-rubbery/dehydrated meat patty, would not even cut; 1-serving discolored green peas. Sorry peas have no vitamins. No dessert!




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