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2020 Heard’s Garden Tour, 200 photos for Viewing




Nestled in the heart of historic Old Towne Orange, this eclectic garden compliments the charm and character of the turn of the last century cottage it surrounds. The whimsical garden is bordered with a picket fence with cottage-style flowers, while the interior is comprised of a mix of California natives, California friendlies, and more cottage-garden-style plants.


Since many Property Owners and students throughout the state of California,  are home this spring, this may be the year to  work on your garden. 

Vegetables-fruits-orchards are great for eating & great learning for stay at home students , and flowers are great pollinators to preserve our ecosystem in this great state. 

Get out and enjoy our parks, gardens and listen, no airplanes above and freeways are quiet too. From time to time, cities of Lakewood, Long Beach, many Landscape Contractors Assoc and La Palma will be posting on-line, noteworthy gardens too. 

Living in our area, we are blessed with some of the most awesome open space areas, please help preserve. Spring 2020, is probably one of the greenest springs since Spring 1965, when we had a very wet spring till Memorial Day. 

The greater Agriculture Horticulture industry is protected by the essential industries,   to remain  open during these rough times caused by the virus.  Please visit your local garden centers, as landscapers, tree trimmers, cemetery grounds keepers, park personal,  landscape architect-designers and garden contractors will all be working to make this a better state.

We are hopeful for the best and plan for the worst;  and continue to take comfort in enjoying our little slices of garden heaven. Stay safe out there. We choose to live in Greater Dairy Valley community, because of its Master Plan Garden Community back in the 1970’s, so this may be the spring to do some garden chores. Yes, at age 100 YO, still enjoy touring and seeing our great parks and gardens.

In the meantime, why not take a virtual tour of the 200 gardens photos on  Heards Spring 2020 website?


1. Armstrong Garden Centers- OC/LA and Long Beach.

2. Green Thumb Garden Center- So County

3. H&H Nursery, Lakewood

4. Home Depot and Lowe’s Garden Centers

5. Lakewood Nursery, Lakewood / Cypress

6. Rainforest Garden Center, Torrance

7. Rogers Garden Center- Newport Beach.

8. Site one Garden Centers in Orange County.

9. Tree of Life Garden Center- So. County.

10. Upland Garden Center- Orange.

Plus Many smaller Nurseries located on Utility Easements throughout OC/LA County.

Former Heards Garden 

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Cerritos Garden Tours 

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