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ABCUSD Clarifies Policy for Its Teachers During Coronavirus Closure

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ABCUSD teachers will be relieved to know that they will be paid through the cancellation of classes and that they will only be required to travel three days to their respective schools to learn the District’s new Online Learning at Home Program.

HMG-LCCN has learned that beginning next Monday, the district will conduct three half-day sessions of professional development regarding the online program. 

Teachers will be at their schools on Monday from 12:00 p.m. to 3:00 p.m., while on Tuesday and Wednesday, they will have the option of coming in at 9-12 or 12-3. 

Following Wednesday, the teachers will have the option of providing the online instruction from their home or their classroom. This will remain in place until March 27, 2020, when school could resume.

Breakfast and lunch meals will be provided at all schools in a “Grab and Go” process.

Breakfast will be served from 8-8:30 a.m. while lunch will be served from 11:30-12. The meals for Friday will be provided on Thursdays. 

Other ABCUSD employees will be coming in at their regular times with duties as assigned. 

Administration and classified staff will work Monday-Thursday.  The entire District will be closed on Fridays. 



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