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March 13, 2020 Hews Media Group-Los Cerritos Community Newspaper eNewspaper

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Real Estate Hot Scams
Real Estate Hot Scams

LCCN | Article on real estate corruption. Almost every chapter for a real estate transaction, either for sale by owner, Banks or realtors, can have some degree of corruption, scamming innocent buyers/ sellers. HOA: can be a hot-bed for a lot of non-disclosed entitlements, outdated CCR’S which is corruption, non deeded fees for records and so forth. MLS: another area which can plague corruption for the listing/ advertising a real estate contract. Do not believe everything because it says something in print, does not mean that it’s true or accurate. Buyers beware don’t trust the multiple listing service, plus each… Read more »

Lakewood Beautification Award,
Lakewood Beautification Award,

Lakewood Beautification Award, LCCN, thank you for telling us about this program which takes place during April and May 2020, in the City of Lakewood California. Too bad the city of Cerritos, cannot reboot their Ret. city-wide program, we are supposed to be a Forefront City thinking ahead. City of La Palma, also has a monthly Awards program for it residents to display their fine homes. lakewoodcity.org/news/displaynews.asp?NewsID=911&TargetID=1 Some residents/staffers of Cerritos, remember Ret. Jamie Hamilton city of Cerritos planner, from yrs 2003 -2010, she used to annually produce a personal/ custom slideshow presentations of beautiful landscapes and Horticulture in and… Read more »