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January 31, 2020 Hews Media Group-Los Cerritos Community Newspaper eNewspaper

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Cerritos Candidates Forum | Died Ugly Death Gravely disappointed in the questions propelled and also by the vague answers by the candidates. Eight candidates participated, one was absent. Most of the candidates rallied for the betterment of the city, candidates forgot one strategic element in their proposals. City does not have good clean, up-to-date- housing stock, nor well maintained city areas. World can be invited to start up a business here in Cerritos, but they’re not going to stay. Many people have fled Cerritos for: Huntington Beach, Irvine and Yorba Linda and will not be returning. City lost housing, restaurants,… Read more »


Maximizing Garages. Great article. Garages have evolved immensely, since the 1960s-70s, when many of these wood stick garages were built. Some were so spooky and dirty looking. Just painting the garage interior, 100% Hi Gloss Whites, ads tremendous face-lift, and many homeowners are choosing to paint the garage floor a light taupe, or gray color. Paint really gives a clean look, few homeowners have opted for hi glass white enamel finish, spraying the entire garage….others have chosen to spray the interior hi gloss white lacquer, so interior looks like mega white appliance. Add an interior hot tub, Jacuzzi or spa… Read more »

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CANDIDATE FORUM QUESTIONS: Understand, CITY will be having two candidates forms in February. 1. Are you aware of the potential problems, during the reconstruction of the Del Amo bridge and the proposed Demolition and reconstruction of the Sports Complex, which can take up to 7 years for completion. How will the Dust Bowl and increased tractor-truck traffic be mitigated in the South East part of Cerritos.? City has over 50% seniors and the air quality could be problematic and even fatal to many, during these dusty times. Staff said we can not wash off streets, compared to earlier projects, so… Read more »