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June 9-16, 2019 Cerritos Weekly Crime Summary 



The Cerritos weekly tracking report for 2019 up to June 16 shows that overall calls for service in Cerritos has dropped by an average of 20 a week which is almost 10%.

Part one crimes which include homicide, rape, robbery, aggravated assault, burglary, grand theft, and petty theft is down nearly 10% from 2018 numbers.

However miscellaneous crimes which include arson, forgery, fraud, sex felonies, simple assaults, drugs or vandalism has gone up slightly.

The Cerritos Sheriff’s compile an innovative report entitled Supplemental Crime Analysis focusing on residential burglaries and outlining certain categories of the home burglary and why they occur with the category showing what houses are more burglarized.

For instance, out of seven residential burglaries, six occurred when there was not a vehicle in the driveway, six occurred when the homeowner did not have an alarm sign, six occurred while a fumigation was in process, and seven occurred if the people did not have a dog.

Interior categories include if the light was off six burglaries occurred, five occurred if the house did not have a motion sensor, five occurred if the perpetrators called the house and nobody answered the phone.

The sheriffs also use property location category that showed out of the seven burglaries the houses were next to a park, school, freeway, riverbed, or an alley.


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