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May 31, 2019 Hews Media Group-Los Cerritos Community Newspaper eNewspaper

22nd November 2019

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Blanca and Billy Jr.
Blanca and Billy Jr.

DECORATION DAY IN 1950’S.. Hmmm, What do I remember about Memorial Day weekend in Greater Dairy California, during the 1950s? Few things, read on……. Always around the – 3-day weekends in the summer, before and after the holiday weekends, could see homeowners travel trailers spotted/staged throughout the city, as residents traveled to: Desert, Mountains and mostly to the Beach. Camping Trailers included : Travel-eze, Airstream, and Shasta travel trailers ( Wings on the side). Many residents, traveled to Huntington Beach: former Tin-Can Alley, for weekend camping excursions. Some families from out of state, came to vacation in Greater Dairy Valley,… Read more »

Hank Lars Jr.
Hank Lars Jr.

DAIRIES …………….

Does any dairy farms still make daily/weekly home deliveries???

Also enjoy JERSEY GOLD DAIRY, on Pioneer north of Del Amo, in Cerritos. Think been there for century.

Plus Rockview Dairy Farms in Downey; on Stewart n Gray. Great service:

Conrad / Maria
Conrad / Maria

Great Educational Read. Cerritos | Great Photo of Swallows Bird Nest, which can be viewed in out of the way locations throughout greater Dairy Valley, South Orange County, Palm Springs and Temecula. Many of the birds are becoming more domesticated and nesting Inland Empire and the news are reporting, bird nests can be found in the new OC buildup around Palm Springs. Said nests, Located on many homes roofing eves, exterior walls, patios, carports, entry foyers, etc. Also, bird watching can be seen under many bridges and mountain hillside, were there are a lot of rock formations. Said Mud nests,… Read more »