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Asian and Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus backs Ali Taj for District 32

Asian Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus joins LA County Supervisor Hahn, Assembly Member Quirk-Silva and 30+ local elected officials in endorsing Ali Taj for Senate

Councilmember Ali S. Taj today announced a major endorsement from the Asian and Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus in the lead up to the June 5thprimary for State Senate District 32.

The California Asian Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus represents and advocates for the interests of the diverse API communities throughout California. It has 12 members including former President Pro-Tem of the Senate, Kevin De Leon.

The announcement makes Taj the only candidate to receive an endorsement from a caucus of elected representatives.

Chair of the Asian Pacific Islander Legislative Caucus, Rob Bonta said: “Ali Taj is an experienced local leader who is committed to fully funding our schools and helping businesses create jobs. California’s Asian & Pacific Islander (API) Legislative Caucus urges you to vote for Ali Taj for Senate on or before Tuesday, June 5.”

Ali S. Taj said: “I’m honored by this endorsement. I’ve been a strong advocate for API communities and minorities and I will continue to fight for better representation and more accountable government for all Californians.”

The API caucus joins a long list of local elected officials who have already endorsed Ali S. Taj’s campaign including former State Senator/current LA County Supervisor Janice Hahn and Assembly Member Sharon Quirk-Silva.

Janice Hahn said: “Ali Taj is an effective leader who isn’t afraid to stand up to special interests or oppose the status quo in order to do what is right. He’s exactly the person we need representing us in the State Senate.”



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