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State Senator Tony Mendoza Will Take Leave of Absence

HMG-CN has learned that State Senator Tony Mendoza, under pressure from his party, will take a leave of absence for one month.

Sources are saying some Democrats wanted to wait for due process rather than expel Mendoza.


“I have agreed to take a leave of absence through January 26, 2018 so that I may continue to represent my District.

I am deeply disappointed that I was forced into this action without any due process, which is counter to the very essence of two significant pillars of our American society…. fairness and justice.

It was my hope that the Senate and Senate Rules Committee would have afforded me the opportunity to clear my name and, until that opportunity arose, treated me with the same standards applied to other Senators similarly accused.

This action today has set a dangerous precedent in that any legislator can be faced with any accusation from anyone and be subjected to a harsh penalty without the benefit of presenting his/her side of the story. I am hopeful that the Senate will be able to see the issue as important to its institutional credibility and sense of fairness.

Moving forward, however, I commit to cooperating with the investigation with the intent of clearing my name. I intend to return to again fully representing my constituents no later than February 1, 2018, including my committee chairmanship and membership.

I want to assure my constituents that in this period though January 26, 2018, I will continue to provide them with the full measure of service through the District and Capitol offices and their staff

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