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Cerritos Residents and Businesses Asked to Complete City Survey

The Cerritos Regional Chamber of Commerce plays a significant role in communicating the needs of the business community to elected officials at all levels of government. Currently, the City of Cerritos is gathering information from residents and the business community about how to address the City’s ongoing budget deficit – including reduction of expenditures or bringing in new revenue through a 1% sales tax increase. Please take the time to read the information below and complete the survey so that the Cerritos City Council may make an informed decision on how to manage this deficit.
From the City of Cerritos:
The City of Cerritos has a budget deficit due to changes in California State law that decreased local revenues. The Cerritos City Council is seeking input from the community regarding priorities for City services to help make informed decisions about potential budget reductions and possible sources of additional revenue. Cerritos community members are asked to complete this 5-minute survey to share their opinions.
Click here to complete survey.

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