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Downey Councilman Luis Marquez Used Political Power to Influence Girlfriend Who Filed Paternity Lawsuit Against Him


Luis Marquez

By Brian Hews

Hews Media Group-Community News has confirmed that a paternity lawsuit has been filed by Maribel Zavala against former Mayor and current Downey City Councilmember Luis Marquez and that Marquez, along with his wife Alma, who is running for Downey City Council, attempted to use his elected office to coerce Maribel into withholding the publicity of the lawsuit until after the election.

The lawsuit, filed at the Norwalk Court, is sealed but HMG-CN was able to obtain the case number, VF014650 and the attorney of record for Zavala, Sandy Garcia of Garcia-Miller law based out of Montclair.

A paternity lawsuit is a legal proceeding that asks a court to determine whether a man is the biological father of a child. Paternity lawsuits are usually filed by a woman attempting to legally establish that a man is the biological father of her child.

Most paternity suits are filed to establish financial or moral responsibility or to settle other issues in controversy between the parents.

People familiar with Marquez have seen him with the baby at the Whittier Police Department and at the Downey Police Department in “paternity related proceedings.”

Sources have told HMG-CN that after Marquez and his wife Alma discovered the lawsuit had been filed, the two demanded a meeting with Zavala, which she granted based on her relationship with Luis.

But it was not a pleasant meeting according to sources close to Zavala.

The three reportedly met at the Denny’s in Downey where Zavala described the meeting as “a shakedown attempt to stop me from publicizing the lawsuit before the election in November.”





Zavala told the source that Luis and Alma asked her, “to be quiet, do not say anything. We want to get Alma elected, if she is elected then Luis can get more government contracts and take care of you.”

An angry Zavala told the source she was ready to call a press conference after the meeting.

Marquez could be in legal hot water with the L.A. District Attorney because of the meeting.

Using a political office to influence a person and/or a decision is a felony violation of several government codes punishable by up to four years in prison.

But this is not the first time Marquez has used his office to influence decisions.

7-Eleven wanted to open a store in Bellflower but Marquez testified in front of Bellflower City Council at a public hearing saying it would be detrimental if the popular local store opened in the area.

Later on it was revealed that Marquez was representing a liquor store that would have been across the street and suffered loss of business if the 7-Eleven opened.

Calls into Marquez, Zavala and her attorney were not returned.





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13 Comments on "Downey Councilman Luis Marquez Used Political Power to Influence Girlfriend Who Filed Paternity Lawsuit Against Him"

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Ferni Maria
I agree with Martha. This “Maribel/Maria” was well aware of his marital status. and she planned this very well to almost the very last detail to gain money compensation in the end of all regardless of how it would make her look, but now she contradicts herself trying to say she didnt know but she worked for the man for many years. i knw her personally and of some of her family and I know for a fact that she is not the only GOLDDIGGER in that family. And I am sure she is not the only one in that… Read more »

There are two sides to every story…Maribel isn’t a victim..she was well aware that she was dating a married man…she can play the “I didn’t know” card but anyone can Google Luis and see his marital status. He had nothing to gain by threatening her, she on the other hand is just a scorned ex trying to get revenge by putting out this bogus story. I feel bad for Alma which is so committed to Downey and making it great…she shouldn’t pay the price for Luis’s actions. You people need to get off ur pedestals. Alma for City Council.

Ed Arturo

It is funny that no one attacking Maribal has mentioned the meeting between her, Alma and Luis. They are only slamming her character. I wonder if Alma will go to court and deny the meeting instead of in that rag Patriot newspaper. She gave no comment to Hews, why is that???

RunLuis Run
Luis Marquez is like a Forest Gump come alive. He’s said to be mildly autistic, but don’t be fooled by the big headed kid off the short bus antics. He is conniving, calculating and clearly on the take. Several small businesses have paid him large retainers for services never provided. Asking them to pay for his failed campaign bills or to cover his trips to brothels and casinos,recently even a trip to coastal Colombia known for being a sex tourism destination in South America. Luis has been scamming people for far too long. Instead of fearing Alma who has to… Read more »
Cuban Love

Alma’s a nice lady who’s obviously tied down to a real scumbag. Luis is no better than Crespo in Bell Gardens and will probably suffer the same fate someday (that’s not a threat, he’s not my problem).

There’s no way anyone should support her Downey campaign run when we all know her husband will be selling her vote for cigars at Bo’s in Bellflower.

Any wonder why Tony Mendoza had to can Alma from his staff? Even being friends with Luis, Tony still had to draw the line.

I do like the “El Chapo” reference earlier🤑


What shame that the person more than likely responsible for this article hides behind a Religious Robe.. Yes you know who you are and there are many out there that know of your low blows.
You of all people should know not to throw stones as you all live in glass houses… Shame Shame on you…

Marybeth Vergara-Garcia
Marybeth Vergara-Garcia

There are two sides to every story, I doubt that Luis forced Ms. Zavala into having an affair,or whatever it was, knowing that he was married! And what a coincidence that this story was shared prior to the debate. Looks like strategic planning by many who have an axe to grind. I share sympathy with Alma as this does not reflect on her, she’s the innocent bystander. She STILL has my vote. Dont throw stones if you live in a glass house.

Jay Smith

This guy is a piece of crap! Downey really needs to take a strong look at these carpet baggers who move in and run for office!

Ed Arturo

Where was the Downey local newspaer owned by Jennifer DeKay with her unethical Editor/real estate broker Eric Pierce on this story?

Word is they withheld the story to not distract from the sham debate DeKay sponsored and sold advertising space to the candidates so they could “participate.” CAN YOU SAY UNETHICAL? Unethical withholding the story and unethical sellng a debate!


Congrats Mr. Hews on your story!


When I was dating Luis I was also operating his political Facebook account. Then another woman starting leaving posts demanding that Luis call her back. At first I though she was just some nut, but then we met and discovered they had been dating for over 6 month and he swore to her that he had left Alma. That’s when I realized that he had fed me the same BS. And no, this woman wasn’t named Maribel.


He didn’t play you, you played yourself….you say you ran his fb page then you were well aware that he was married don’t try to play the victim now….you are pathetic!

Luis Uck

What? Is anybody surprised? When this Mexican got on the City Council 8 years ago shakedown’s and deal-making became the new norm of Downey’s political culture.

We should be so grateful that this bozo wasn’t elected to the State Assembly. Luis needs to either go to jail where he belongs, get out of politics or go back to Mexico! He has the potential to be the next “El Chapo”.


Yeah Luis Uck…no better way to fix corruption at city Hall than with your RACISM & BIGOTRY. Good job at showing your true colors (white supremacy movement). Bravo. Stupidity and Ignorance isn’t the way to call out political corruption. [email protected]