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HMG-CN OPINION: Cerritos City Council Ignores Frontier Switchover Problem, Would Rather Build Museum


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By Brian Hews

The switchover from Frontier to Verizon debacle continues in Cerritos, as HMG-CN continues to receive a large amount of phone calls complaining about the lack of cable, TV, Internet and customer service.

But the Cerritos City Council seems to be more interested in—passing an ordinance prohibiting vacation rentals in the City (when there are only 5 listed in the City); having untelevised and unrecorded meetings to raise the City’s sales tax; approving what is rumored to be a $500,000 car museum — as opposed to fighting for  area residents that voted them into office.

There have been several other City Councils that have called in representatives from Frontier so they can face the music, why not Cerritos?

It is likely that the City Council, not wanting to spend hours listening to irate residents slam them for their inaction, does not want to request that Frontier attend a Cerritos Council meeting.

Once again they are more worried about getting elected and making their $60,000 a year in total pay and benefits rather than doing anything for the residents of Cerritos.

I remember years ago when the City’s air quality was rated poorest in LA County, Cancer-ritos as some called it.

The City Council acted very quickly, called in the Federal Government and days later got the agency to “clear the air.”

When the image of the City is under attack, the Council acts.

If residents are inconvenienced, the Council sends letters, in this case to Frontier.

Here are a few ideas for the Council related to the Internet and phone outages that might work.

First of all, meet with Frontier representatives; invite them to a Council meeting so the residents can let them know how unhappy they are. Invite Congresswoman Linda Sanchez and State Senator Tony Mendoza; tell Frontier executives they will be there.

In addition, why not set up an emergency hotline for residents to call so the City can provide limited minute phones to older adults who only have landlines.

You could fund the purchases by taking away the $400 per month car allowance each Councilmember has, I am sure they won’t object.

Heck, the City could buy the phones in Cerritos and make money off the sales tax.

I know the City was solicited by a company called Airmesh years ago. Airmesh set up Wi-Fi signal boxes all over the city, why not give that service free to residents until Frontier gets their act together.

How about negotiating with Charter, who has Wi-Fi hotspots in the City, until the problems are solved by Frontier.

That probably won’t happen since the City receives a “Franchise Fee” from local cable companies. Offering cable services free would cut into that fee, and we all know Cerritos can’t afford that with a $58 million reserve; but they can afford a museum.

And the ideas put forth in this opinion probably won’t happen either.

After all this is Cerritos where the council fancies themselves so powerful (and arrogant) that some violated the Brown Act to support a biased newspaper with City advertising dollars, a newspaper that will always support the Council majority of (R)’s.

The City support continues even after the R’s discover that its puppet “publisher,” Melinda Kimsey, falsely accused a fourth-grade teacher of pedophilia and sexual harassment and was forced to recant the entire story and pay a $20,000 fine.

They are already christening Brad Beach as the next City Councilman.

And Janet Beach, a Cerritos Commissioner, designs the 15-point font, twelve page rag for Kimsey.

I guess Brad and Janet don’t care that Kimsey falsely accused that teacher of pedophilia either.

And so the Frontier debacle will continue and HMG-CN will continue to receive phone calls from irate residents asking for a solution.

Maybe HMG-CN should publish the personal emails of all Cerritos City Council members so they can see how angry the residents are, and maybe they will finally do their job and fight for the residents…instead of building a car museum.

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