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Norwalk Transit Hand Grenade Suspect Strips Naked

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A bizarre scene occurred when a Norwalk transit bus driver called Norwalk Deputies to report a man with a grenade.

The bus driver called his dispatcher who thought a passenger had a grenade.

Heavily armed officers got to the scene and instructed the man to take off his clothes one article at a time.

When completely naked he walked backwards, he was cuffed, wrapped in a blanket and taken to a patrol car.

Authorities are saying the man was not arrested and is not in custody but they are holding him.



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One Response to Norwalk Transit Hand Grenade Suspect Strips Naked

  1. Nursing Reply

    May 17, 2016 at 6:54 am

    Norwalk is home to Metropolitan State Hospital, maybe this person was trying to seek help here and got detoured.

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