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Mar. 4, 2016 Hews Media Group-Community News eNewspaper

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Bus Trip
The hillsides around the Reagan Museum, reminded me of the countryside in Ireland, green green hillsides. The hills could’ve been any Greener. Disappointed when the bus merge upon the hillside, the Ronald Reagan Museum Monument sign displayed neglect, bare dirt, and very few flower arrangements at the base for Nancy. Upon entering the museum, main foyer, most disappointing to see the cheap vinyl flooring, Museum of this caliber should have a wood plank floor or marble. The room where Nancy Laid for public display, again disappointing there was not very many flower arrangements placed. For such a joyous celebration… Read more »
Cerritos Sculpture Garden
CERRITOS – Two new pieces of artwork were recently installed in the Cerritos Sculpture Garden as part of a temporary sculpture display program. This took over 2+ yrs to complete. Somewhat saddened by the 2 pieces which were chosen, not anything near the caliber of the existing stock. FAC took too long in going out to bid, as worked on this over 2 seated FAC. “Flame” by Lyle London and “Joker” by Jeff Zischke will be displayed for two years, after which they will be replaced by two new pieces. London’s “Flame” features an aluminum base and is composed of… Read more »
Reagan Country
Mr. Hews: It doesn’t appear that the Republicans in Cerritos reflects the true ideology of the party or its membership. Take for example Chen, Barrows, Edwards, Ray, etc. These are individuals whom seem to better fit the description of a “tax and spend liberal.” Real Republicans are against most taxes. Real Republicans would not spend tax dollars on pork like the CCPA, or power plant, nor do they give tax dollars to multi-millionaire business owners disguised as redevelopment Let’s not forget, it was only 2.5 years ago one Republican council member is quoted as saying, “The worst that could happen… Read more »
2016 GOP
Cerritos Republicans GOP/ Bad Era in Cerritos History: Chen, Barrows, Edwards, Ray, Hu, Rabbit, Joynt, Knabe, Bowlen, Pylman, Beaches, Hughlett, Woods, Solansky, Vo, Uttecht, Law, Kauble, Crawly, all think they belong to the elite white mans club, their sh….t don’t stink attitude. Majority of the GOP is white man blood. Spend spend spend:…………………. Astor Museum; CCPA; Disneyland Events; Magnolia Power Plant; Trains Study; Council Ins benefits to death deals; Washington DC and Sacramento Junket trips; Cerritos Sub sheriff station- Firestation- useless jails-sheriff gym; Lavish Library; RDA to purchase auto mall pads. Hidden Sculpture Garden; Whitney Sell-a-thon to Warmington Construction; Wasteful… Read more »
Dairy Valley Homeless Increase
Dairy Valley Homeless Increase
Homeless population explodes Diana Francis Young Harvey, reading “Sweetheart,” is among a growing number of homeless. Homeless advocates say homelessness in the county is up nearly 20 percent in the past two years. Harvey is camped out near the Santa Ana civic buildings. , Anna Gonzalez scans the crowd at what has become a tent city of homeless at the county’s Civic Center and says, “These are all my children.” For Gonzalez, who is known as Mama Brizy and uses a walker as she visits waves of blue tarps, that may be true. “This is not a park. This is… Read more »
United HOA
Mark Your Calendar for This Important Event! United HOA To: [email protected]; Dear Neighbor, On Tuesday, March 8, from 7 to 8 pm, on the third floor of Cerritos Library, there will be an important and informative speech by Mrs. Carolyn Cavecche, President and CEO of the Orange County Taxpayers’ Association. Mrs. Cavecche served for many years as Mayor and City Council member of Anaheim. The OCTA organization under her leadership has been instrumental in protecting the rights of taxpayers and homeowners of Orange County. The positions of OCTA on various ballot initiatives, including school bond measures, are powerful persuaders of… Read more »