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Active shooter situation at Planned Parenthood in Colorado

Active shooter situation at Active shooter situation at Planned Parenthood in Colorado

HMG Will update when available

6:16 PM Update

Media outlets reporting that three people were killed, two civilians and a police officer.



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State Hospitals
Family Planning, becoming a century old garden topic throughout the country, especially burning in political debates during elections years. This is not been the first murder, nor will be the last killing. This is going to be an ongoing war for many sunsets, like many old Cerritos readers have witnessed since WW2. Well, hello, it is time to discuss dreams of Family Planning; and how politicians are using this taboo subject for Private Dance Card during elections. All Cerritos commuters have endured the traffic jambs from political protester rallies in nearby: West Los Angeles, Torrance, Orange and Huntington Beach; over… Read more »