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Cerritos Official Election Results

By Brian Hews

The Cerritos City Clerk announced the official results of the City Council election today which will be certified at the next City Council meeting.

As of 11:30 election night, incumbent Mark Pulido tallied 3,417 votes, Jim Edwards 3,053, Naresh Solanki 2,533, Frank Yokoyama 2,472, Grace Hu 2,437, Chuong Vo 1,732, Sophia Tse 1,597, Sultan Sam Ahmed 511.

Final vote tallies registered as follows:

Pulido 3,997
Edwards 3,459
Solanki 2,949
Yokoyama 2,922
Hu 2,839
Vo 2,092
Tse 1,973
Ahmed 602

Measure A was approved 5,255 to 2,209.

Final campaign statements do not have to be filed until the end of July 2015, but total mount spent by all candidates was an astonishing $174,000. If the total Measure A vote is used as the sum of all votes cast in Cerritos, cost per vote was over $22 per resident.

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