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Cudahy Mayor Chris Garcia Supports Central Basin Candidate Stinnett Despite HMG-CN Story About Criminal Past

Mayor Chris Garcia: Why I Support Central Basin Candidate Jason Stinnett


Thank you for your inquiry regarding your recent article about Central Basin Candidate Jason Stinnett. I did have the opportunity to read your article and did look at the supporting documents you’ve included in there and I must say I felt compelled to respond to you via this open letter primarily because of the message I feel your viewership receives when reading your articles.

My question to you and your viewership is; does some “infidelity” in someone’s private life automatically disqualify them from office? In this case a DUI that happened over a decade ago! (Editors note: Stinnett had a DUI in 2011.) Yes, this is a tragic example of broken trust and worthy of voter scrutiny. But should evidence of past mistakes automatically disqualify a STRONG candidate from elected office? No, I don’t think so. Should it raise significant voter concerns that need to be addressed with candor and humility? Absolutely.

On the contrary, are these so-called “barriers” that tend to get highlighted in your articles doing a disservice to “good/strong” candidates and are they also reducing TRUE political competition? Example, a viewer of yours in the City of Downey who has had a long history as a successful business man is now discouraged from running for city council because of some IRS penalties he received 10 years ago. Or the local teacher who has great ideas to improve her local school system gets discouraged to run for local school board because of the arrest warrant she received 20 years ago for failing to pay an outstanding speeding ticket. There is this long tradition in this country that looks past the misdeeds of leaders who provide good stewardship, from Presidents Ronald Reagan (Iran-contra) and Bill Clinton (impeachment) downward. That’s because it often comes down to the actual substance of the issues. Overall, these people could end up being some of the greatest leaders our communities have seen but fail to take the proper next steps because of the discouraging articles like the one you posted about Jason Stinnett.

My point here is simple; in response to your question, YES, I still support Jason Stinnett as Central Basin’s next board member because he is the strongest candidate I’ve met thus far! Not because we’re friends and not because we’ve had a long history (actually I’ve only known Jason for a few months through professional gatherings) but rather he has been the most intellectually thoughtful candidate I’ve talked to that has provided me with specifics on what he’ll bring if elected. I’ve talked to other good candidates in this race and it’s my understanding that those others are also carrying their own form of “barriers.” But for me:

  • Jason Stinnett is my choice
  • Jason Stinnett is an ISSUES guy
  • Jason Stinnett has never once talked negatively about other candidates
  • Jason Stinnett has a specific plan to lower water rates
  • Jason Stinnett is genuine about improving the water quality in our communities
  • Jason Stinnett is serious about accountability

I support Jason Stinnett and hope you will too! Let’s not get distracted from the real issues facing our communities!


Chris Garcia
Mayor, City of Cudahy



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