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Body of Firefighter Mike Herdman Found

Mike Herdman

Mike Herdman

By Brian Hews

The body of an off-duty Arcadia firefighter who went missing two weeks ago was found Friday.

Mike Herdman, 36, went missing June 13 during a four-day hike. His body was found almost a mile and over 1,000 feet above where he disappeared.

The body was found when a search crew flew over and noticed “something that didn’t belong” in the terrain below. The body was taken to a medical examiner’s office, where the identity was confirmed using dental records.



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One Response to Body of Firefighter Mike Herdman Found

  1. M c m a h o n Reply

    June 27, 2014 at 8:10 pm

    Bad Luck of 3’s- Superstition:

    Reported by LCCN, in last 2 weeks.

    1) Cerritos Drowning | Male
    2) Cerritos Motorcycle death. | Male
    3) Fireman Hiker Death | Male


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