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Knabe Pushes Faith Community to ‘Pledge to Prepare’

: Chairman Don Knabe addresses media members at last week’s event that focused on preparing the Faith community for the next disaster.  County of Los Angeles Photo for HMG-CN

: Chairman Don Knabe addresses media members at last week’s event that focused on preparing the Faith community for the next disaster. County of Los Angeles Photo for HMG-CN

By Brian Hews

Don Knabe, the powerful Chairman of the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors is determined to have millions of residents to become “one hundred percent prepared” before the next major disaster hits the Southland.

Knabe is so committed to making sure that all layers of both the public and private sector are equipped with the tools needed to deal with a future calamity that he has decided to take the cause to higher authorities, influential clergy leaders from all walks of faith and religious persuasions.

Last week, Knabe was joined by the United States Department of Homeland Security Center for Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnership as well as the Center of the White House Office of Faith-Based and Neighborhood Partnership’s and other officials to roll out the new plan.

Knabe made the announcement at the 2014 LA County Pledge to prepare campaign during an uplifting, yet serious rally last week in Downtown Los Angeles.

The campaign will promote emergency preparedness activities with local Houses of Worship and Community-Based Organizations (CBOs).

“We are honored to be partnering with houses of worship and local community organizations to encourage residents to prepare for any type of disaster that may impact our County,” said Knabe.

“Reaching people where they are, in places and with people they trust will be an invaluable addition to our efforts to promote a lifestyle of preparedness across this region,” Knabe stressed.

Knabe also said that “The Pledge to Prepare” participating organizations to provide its congregations or membership the options of participating in one or all four disaster preparedness category activities.

The categories areas were broken down as Get Informed, Get Prepared, Get Connected, and Get Active.

“Faith-based and community partners are an important part of the whole community, and it is our hope that LA County’s Pledge to Prepare campaign reaches and engages these partners,” Knabe said.

“Recognizing that preparedness is a shared responsibility, President Barack Obama signed the Presidential Policy Directive/PPD-8: National Preparedness March 30, 2011,” said Deputy Director Scott.

“Since then, we have been working with cities and counties across the nation to promote the involvement of everyone, not just the government, in a systematic effort to increase community resilience against all hazards. We encourage everyone to get involved in the LA County Pledge to Prepare campaign as it is important for not only for yourself, but for your family and your community,” Scott said.

The campaign led by the Los Angeles County Office of Emergency Management was designed to encourage residents to take steps to increase their preparedness. Working with faith-based leaders and community organizations provides additional opportunities for disaster preparedness information to reach residents.

Also attending and participating in the event was Deputy Director Dr. Jannah Scott, Federal Emergency Management Agency Region IX and Acting Deputy Administrator Farley Howell

For more information on the LA County Pledge to prepare disaster preparedness campaign or how to register to participate, visit lacoa.org/prepare.



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..M C M A H O N .
..M C M A H O N .

TO: Don n Julie Knabe. You got to be real? YOU ARE BOTH REPUBLICANS!!! knabe.com/ You want the lions to sleep with the Sheep? Hell how many homeless hang out behind your CERRITOS home, up against the Los Coyotes River, and your 2nd story home, you have looked down at them for decade. You have been residents of this city for more then 40 Yrs, see neither of you have aided homeless. You would not endorse your neighbor of 40 Yrs, TITUS, as she is African American, but went to endorse the whites in Shadow Park HOA. You both get… Read more »

Council of Thieves
Council of Thieves

Is this guy serious? The government wants clergy to assist? I guess so long as they agree not to mention God or Jesus.

The clergy needs to take a pass on this. Their primary and only mission is to spread the word of God and not act as an agent of what’s becoming an anti-Christian government.