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Obamacare Beating Medicare Part D In Enrollment Percentage to Date

By Brian Hews

In a bit of bad news for Republicans, a private data analysis firm says Obamacare applications submitted to date -700,000- exceeds the comparable enrollment of the Medicare Part D prescription drug package passed in 2003.

Avalere Health found 10 percent of Part D enrollees signed up by December 2005 a month before coverage began. That is well below the 700,000 enrolled in Obamacare now and time is remaining-Nov 15 to sign up even more.





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John Transue
Brian, oh Brian, please stick to reporting on local politics which your paper has been doing a great job at, and leave national politics to the other guys who aren’t doing such a bang up job, but hey, it is their sandbox. Showing your colors with the “bad news for Republicans” comment just took you from journalist to “hack” commentator. I can’t remember seeing a “bad news for Democrats” in all of the articles your paper has been writing exposing all of our local corrupt ones. Plus comparing a sign up for a Medicare prescription drug benefit which only applied… Read more »