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Death of Bellflower Senior Turns into ‘Nightmare’ for Family Dealing With Mortuary

Evelyn Hileman poises with a photo of her late father Michael Henry Gregory while attending an interview in the newsroom of Hews Media Group-Community Newspaper.

Evelyn Hileman poises with a photo of her late father Michael Henry Gregory while attending an interview in the newsroom of Hews Media Group-Community Newspaper.

By Brian Hews

For Evelyn Hileman of Bellflower, the recent passing of her beloved father Michael Henry Gregory-even at the age of 80-was a “sudden shock” to her and her family.

“My dad was the rock of our family, a real loving kind man who would help anyone at any time in need.  He was a kind soul,” Hileman said in a recent interview with Hews Media Group – Community News.

Gregory passed away on September 13 after a short bout with cancer.  “He was full of life and literally within a couple of months had taken ill and passed away,” Hileman said.

Gregory had purchased a “Pre-Planned Funeral Package” through Luyben Family-Dilday-Mottel Mortuary who has offices located in the city of Long Beach.

Hileman’s grief was short lived and said the day of her father’s funeral turned into a literal nightmare.

After arriving at the memorial service on September 20th before 11 a.m., Hileman said that a funeral director had told her that “the cemetery says you have an unpaid bill and we need $1,250 before we can conduct the burial.”

“I tell her no problem and I go sit down in the front row,” Hileman said.

With the service now underway, Hileman said the employee walked over to her while the pastor was conducting the service and handed her a bright yellow note that read: “Per: Forest Lawn. Fees need to be paid before service.”

Hileman said she was “stunned” by the note.

“I had paid them more than $10,000 the day before, and I was not told about a remaining outstanding balance of $1,250,” she said.

Hileman said that she informed the employee that the credit card was at home.  “The employee literally stood there in front of me until I told her that I will go home and get the credit card.”

Hileman then said her husband left the service and went home to retrieve the credit card. “It was surreal, stunning, everything was like in slow motion,” she said.

Hellman said after her husband returned with the credit card in his possession, funeral staff members would not process the card because the name of the card was in Gregory’s name, even though she contends that she was a co-signer on the account.

“The day before, they gladly accepted the card and our money, and charged me $10,000 but the next day they didn’t accept the same card,” she said.

“They said they don’t take credit cards from the deceased, and I tried to explain that I am on his bank account and that I am to Executor of his Estate,” Hileman said.

While all of this was taking place, Hileman said that the Pastor had concluded his graveside service and a Military Honor Guard had unfolded the American flag and had refolded it, and that 20 white doves had been released and the service was over.

“We are walking out to our cars and here comes my husband. He tells me they want me to go home and get a check and come back and pay them or they are going to take my dad’s body back to the mortuary and bury him at a later time,” Hileman told HMG-CN.

“Can you believe this?” Hileman said.

“So not only was I hurting from my dad’s death but now I am hurting for my husband for having missed the funeral completely,” Hileman said.

HMG-CN contacted Luyben Mortuary for a comment on the situation and said in a written statement: “We have a bond of confidentially, we consider this a private matter,” Jessica Dunn, spokesperson for the funeral company said.

“I am aware of this particular case, but as a matter of policy do not discuss these matters outside of the contents of the family involved in the situation,” McDunn said.

Hileman concluded by saying “I hope it’s a very long time before I need to use a mortuary again but when I do need one, believe me, it will not be Luyben.”



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Jonathan rogers
Jonathan rogers

Now wanna talk about forest lawn long beach there were nats flying arround. The ground was muddy and headstones sinking in. Think there in need of a grounds man.


Micky Gregory was my God father and unfortunately
I could not attend the service.
If I were there I would have drug those people away like the trash they acted
How dare you interrupt a funeral ceromony of a
Person and a military man at that!
If I were you Binky I would find a lawyer
And sue the jerks at the least!
Love you and Mike.
Russ Millan

Randy R. Economy
Randy R. Economy

Evelyn…Thanks for your clarification on the billing. Duly noted.\\Randy Economy

Jonathan rogers
Jonathan rogers

And a part that wasn’t in the story the funeral director who drove the Hurst to forest lawn she hit the center divider went up and over it and I was like omg my Grandpa would have made her pull over that car if he was alive and made her ride passenger because that’s a no no pay attention worry about the familys feelings instead of rushing to start a service that wasn’t.suppose to start until my moms husband got back and paid …unbelievAble,.also a neighbor tryed sending flowers to luybens and when she called for the adress and info… Read more »

Evelyn Hileman
Evelyn Hileman

This is in regards to the newspaper article. The truth of the matter is I had paid Luybens Dilday Mortuary $10,000 the day before not Forest Lawn. Forest Lawn is the one that told the funeral director that until my bill was paid there would be no service/burial. So my husband hurried home because he did not want all of our guests waiting at the grave for the service to begin. But as soon as we arrived the funeral director Virginia started the service. Mind you this is after she ran up and over the curb as she drove my… Read more »