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$64 Halibut on Carol Chen’s Menu

Some in Cerritos have called into question the receipts presented in LCCN’s Feb 8 Cerritos City Council Travelgate article, including the $65 steak/fish.
The actual receipt is below.







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McMahon, J.

Saturday, February 23, 2013 Re: Failed Cerritos Protocol Manual | Republican Edwards | : 8 Yrs as councilperson + (?) Yrs as commissioner | Republican Chen | : 4.5 Yrs as councilperson + (?) Yrs as commissioner. This is one of many stories, how the REPUBLICAN era of Cerritos Elected have help rob our systems, so the breached public works are destroying our real estate values. ► After (4) years of working on the proposed Cerritos Protocol Manual, still is not completed and has cost the taxpayers poss. as high as Million Dollars for nothing. Failed Protocol Manual •… Read more »

Jay Gray
Jay Gray

Anyone watching the last council forum must have been in disbelief as candidate Carol Chen stated city Council members ate sandwiches before the council meetings. Seems, if that were true, they were making up for lost meals on the tax payer dime once out of public view. Candidate Carl Chen also neglected to mention how committees/commissions along with staff ALL meet, before their meetings, at local restaurants for dinner, again on the city dime. They may deny talking city business, but we can rest assured the reasoning being this is to promote cohesiveness among the “players.” What a better way… Read more »

McMahon, J.

Friday, February 22, 2013… RE: Jay Gray: ►FORMER Donna Summer: ‘We work hard for the money”; in Cerritos we make an appearance for the money and food; and split!!! One time after the Protocol Study session, few yrs back; meeting broke off, so the CCC and all of upper staff members, could break away from city hall compounds; to head for full sit down dinner at white table cloth restaurant, prior to the 7pm council meeting…….real rough isn’t it????? Another time, happened to be at a restaurant in TC, as commissioner party was eating… surprise, some of the commissioners ordered… Read more »

McMahon, J.

Friday, February 22, 2013. ”Dam”… expensive— BOWEL MOVEMENT!!!!. Were these DINING amounts inclusive for free usage to restaurants Bidet, with built-in Sony’s Blow Dryer Station? Doesn’t the council know about Republican President’s Reagan’s 80:20 Tax Guide; for dining and traveling? These meals overages are ridiculous spending, when so many residents are waiting for: | TREE | SIDEWALK | GUTTER| repairs. ► ◄ (????) QUESTION: Carol Chen, Is —$64—-Dirty Fish, like being a DIRTY VEGAN? ► ◄ ► ◄ Resident Smearhiemer & Mayor Edwards are from the old stock of WW2 Baby Makers, spend spend spend and not… Read more »


BUSTED CHEN! I guess your little escapades with Bruce, and Jim will be cut back a bit, 65 halibut 32 filet and this is just one dinner on the trip. I will not vote for you and I will demand your outrageous $113 per diem be cut. Council people like you are not there for the city you are there for yourself. Cerritos vote Carol out!!!!!