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Letters to Editor: Thanks LCCN!

Re: Front page story in Los Cerritos Community News on Cerritos 1st CEB

Thanks so very much for the front page/color picture of Cpl Gaertner! As a former Supervisor of Recreation Therapy at Rancho Los Amigos I am very familiar of such athletic feats by people with disabilities and over the past 8-9 year of the Wounded Warriors and in particular of the Marines at WW Programs at Camp Pendelton and also Walter Reed!

My wife JoAnn and I visited one of the 1stCEB double amputees last Memorial Day so I am very proud of Cpl Gaertner and also Very Proud that my fellow Friends of the 1stCEB  financially assisted his family at his retirement from active duty BUT Cpl Gaertner will Always Be A MARINE and the citizens of the Nation are Most Proud and Grateful For His Service! It is because of men like him that I am honored to do whatever I can as a member of the Friends of the 1stCEB and so should the citizens of Cerritos!

Re: Story in Los Cerritos Community News on Cerritos 1st CEB

Brian and Jerry-THANK YOU for the ad in this weeks edition of the CCN and I look forward to seeing you both next Saturday at the Car Wash!

Your continued support of the Friends of the 1stCEB and especially the Marines and Sailors of the 1stCEB!


Re: Story in Los Cerritos Community News on Local War Heros

Brian and Jerry-Thanks for your coverage of the Korean War Veteran’s Recognition Act and Thank You Jerry for your service I’n Korea! My father was a WWII and Korea War (combat) Veteran with the US Army RIP!






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