Oskoui and Apodaca Fail to Attend Crucial Central Basin Meetings While Employees Illegally Stop Open Discussions

BY BRIAN HEWS • July 27, 2020

For the second straight meeting, Central Basin Director John Oskoui and Bob Apodaca, after a judge made a ruling that basically ordered them to begin conducting business at the agency, have failed to attend two subsequent meetings to pass crucial agenda items.

Apodaca actually attended today’s meeting then suddenly hung up 30  minutes into the meeting up when the board reached item 6, which would have discussed and eventually approved the agency’s budget.

President Vasquez attempted to move the meeting along but was stymied once again by Cecelia Pulido and Andrew Hamilton, two employees who are working with Oskoui and Apodaca, both cited the lack of quorum for stopping the meeting.

But a long time expert municipal attorney indicated that the board could discuss the agenda items without taking action. “They can discuss and receive information,” he said.

The actions just add to the allegations that Apodaca and Oskoui are working with Asm. Cristina Garcia to place Central Basin into receivership.

Sources are telling HMG that Apodaca “has a job waiting after receivership,” as a reason for why he is acting unprofessionally.

Many are wondering aloud why Oskoui’s employer, the city of Downey, and the Downey City Council, are allowing Oskoui to sabotage the water agency, basically condoning his actions.















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