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Opinion: Sicknick’s List for Domestic Terrorists, Similar to Megan’s List


BY BRIAN HEWS • January 9, 2021

There is chatter among lawmakers that anyone who is arrested for invading the capitol on Wednesday should be placed on the no fly list, good idea, provided they don’t go to jail first.

HMG-CN proposes another method of watching the domestic terrorists; create a  national watch list, much like Megan’s List, which shows sexual offender’s pictures and place of residence, so people can see where the terrorists live and know who they are.

Call it Sicknick’s List in honor of the U.S. Capitol Policeman Brian Sicknick who died at the hands of the terrorists on Wednesday.

The terrorists have to provide their name and residence as well as their fingerprints, DNA, criminal history, photo and vehicle registration.

Create a department inside the Department of Homeland Security to quickly arrest any terrorists who do not comply with the restrictions, make them wear a tracking device to see movements, require them report to an officer periodically.

Ensure that all terrorist convictions are felonies and restrict their civil rights by barring them from voting, serving on juries, or possessing firearms.

There are many benefits to having such a list: Employers unaware of their terrorist background can check the database; neighbors can find if they have a terrorist living among them and watch for suspicious activity much like the thousands of neighborhood watch programs in the country; law enforcement,  local government, and school district officials would be aware that a terrorist lives in their community.

The actions of the domestic terrorists on Wednesday was no less than sedition and treason. The ransacking and theft were crimes on federal property. The murder of Sicknick is felonious murder.

The police had a chance to capture all of the terrorists inside the building, they simply had to funnel them into a large holding cell and strap them with plastic ties. Anyone who acted in a violent manner is shot with a rubber bullet and gassed,  similar to what authorities did in Portland and Seattle to peaceful protestors.

Sicknick was in the Air National Guard, starting in 1999, traveling to Saudi Arabia and Kyrgyzstan providing backup to armed forces. He was a hero who came back and joined the Capitol Police in 2008.

We should honor his heroic actions to protect out capitol while keeping in check the very people who murdered him.

Sicknick’s List.












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