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Congressional 48th Candidate Stelian Onufrei Mislead Voters, Also Has Questionable Voting History

48th Congressional Candidate Stelian Onufrei.


By Brian Hews

Congressional 48th candidate Stelian Onufrei touts himself on his website as having a “fresh perspective to public service, combined with his work ethic and love for America gives Washington D. C. exactly the medicine it needs.”

The Romanian immigrant also claims he knows the 48th district’s “rich history and heritage.”

“Our congressional district is one of the most sought after and prestigious locations in all of America. We have a proud heritage of diversity, strong economy, and bold leadership.”

Despite that statement Onufrei goes on to criticize the leadership of current 48th district Congressman Dana Rohrabacher.

“(The district) has often gone under represented in the halls of Congress due to weak, entrenched politicians that refuse to stand for the principles that have made America the greatest country on earth. We need strong leaders who are willing to carry the mantle of justice.”

Onufrei is the atypical candidate, he has never run for any type of public office, and argues that his “work experience and business background” make up for his lack of government experience.

But apparently Onufrei’s willingness to carry the “mantle of justice” does not directly apply to him.

A Hews Media Group investigation has found that Onufrei, just days after his announcement as a candidate for the 48th Congressional seat, re-registered and changed his address with the Orange County Registrar Recorder.

Documents from the Recorder’s office show that Onufrei re-registered on July 27, 2017; seven days after he announced his candidacy.

Onufrei “moved” from a 2,400 square foot home on Stanton Ave in Buena Park to an apartment on Edinger in Huntington Beach.



Onufrei told HMG-CN, “yes I moved from my house in Buena Park to a 600 square foot apartment in Huntington Beach.”

Yet the house remains under Onufrei ownership according to title reports from OC Title.

Recent changes in the law allow Congressional candidates to live outside their district but for some reason Onufrei still made the unusual move going from a large house to a one-room apartment.

“I am finishing my house in Laguna Beach,” stated Onufrei, “until then I will live in Huntington Beach with my family.”

Mislead Voters Twice-

HMG-CN then inquired about statements he made to the media and on his website about where he lived.

Written statements clearly show that Onufrei mislead voters twice to give the impression he lives in Huntington Beach.

Onufrie claimed he “lives in Huntington Beach with his wife” on his website votestelian.com.




Screen capture of Onufrei’s website, online since August claiming he lives in Huntington Beach. From votestelian.com



Internet archives show that statement has been online since August 2017, weeks before he changed his address with the Registrar/Recorder.

Later, Onufrei told the OC Weekly’s Matt Corker that he lives in Huntington Beach in an article published online July 24.


Screen capture of July 24 OC Weekly article showing Onufrei claiming he lives in Huntington Beach. From OCWEEKLY.com.



That statement to the OC Weekly came four days before he changed his address from Stanton to Huntington Beach with the Registrar/Recorder.

Only Voted Four Times in Thirteen Years

And not only did he mislead voters with his address change, the Registrar/Recorder documents show Onufrei’s has a disturbing lack of civic engagement in exercising his right to vote.

Onufrei has not voted in any off-year elections for thirteen years, since 2004.

Those same records show Onufrie not exercising his right to vote in any elections prior to 2004.

Since 2004, Onufrei has voted for candidates only during the general elections of 2004, ’08, ’12, and ’16.

Onufrei did not want to comment when asked about his voting history.






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John Flynn

It might help if you could spell “misled”…

George Medina

The medicine that Washington needs is integrity, honesty, respect and decency.
How does Mr. Onufrei differ from Donald Trump?