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By Brian Hews

Documents obtained from the Commerce City Clerk’s office show that Commerce City Council candidate John Soria has taken campaign donations from very questionable people, including embattled Montebello Unified School District Board member Joanna Flores.


MUSD Board member Joanna Flores gave John Soria money for his campaign.


Employees of the city of Commerce should be alarmed by this donation as Flores worked very closely with recently fired MUSD Chief Business Officer Ruben Rojas, who was let go because of alleged corruption and misuse of public funds.

Flores and Rojas spearheaded a successful effort to fire, or give “pink slips” as Flores put it, to 430 MUSD employees.

At the time Flores knew the corruption that was being led by Rojas, but did nothing about it. After several reports by HMG-CN, Rojas was finally fired.

Sources are also telling HMG-CN that Flores is coordinating the campaigns of Soria, Denise Robles, and Leonard Mendoza, and has brought in some very questionable people.

The Flores recruits include former Commerce employee Jason Stinnett and current MUSD Board member and Huntington Park City Manager Edgar Cisneros.

As documented by HMG-CN, Stinnett has been convicted of drunk driving, reckless driving while under the influence of drugs and alcohol, knowingly operating a vehicle with a suspended license, and was ordered to pay $5,000 in back child support as a result of a heated paternity lawsuit filed in 1996.


Jason Stinnett, far right.


HMG EXCLUSIVE: Central Basin Water Candidate Stinnett Campaigns While On Probation For Drug And Alcohol Related Crimes


During his tenure at Commerce, Stinnett was a favorite of Mayor Ivan Altamirano, Mayor pro tem Tina Baca Del, and Council member Lilia Leon who were all aware of Stinnett’s questionable background but did nothing about it.

As if Stinnett wasn’t controversial enough, Soria and Flores have brought in equally controversial Huntington Park City Manager Edgar Cisneros.

Sources are telling HMG-CN that Cisneros is assisting Soria, Robles, and Mendoza’s campaign because he is angling to be the next City Manager of Commerce.

Commerce residents should be alarmed that Cisneros is helping Soria, Robles, and Mendoza’s campaign as Cisneros led the charge to bring marijuana dispensaries into his current city, Huntington Park.


Montebello Unified School District Board Member Cisneros Pushing Pot Sales in Huntington Park



Back in 2011, Huntington Park adopted an ordinance outlawing medical marijuana dispensaries.

In January 2015 the Council approved, on a 5-0 vote, an amended ordinance to flatly prohibit any type of marijuana sales or deliveries in the City either from a stationary site or a mobile unit.

The amended ordinance was easier to enforce because dispensary operators could not use the sale of marijuana to sick people as a defense.

At the time, Police Chief Jorge Cisneros said his department was working with the district attorney’s office and had closed a number of the dispensaries.

Then, in October 2015, Cisneros was hired as Huntington Park City Manager and the closings stopped.

He then immediately began to hammer out a new ordinance that would allow three “marijuana cultivation and distribution” organizations in the city.

The three dispensaries were recently chosen and can start selling marijuana when all necessary paperwork is done.

Editor’s note: Mr. Cisneros called HMG-CN after the article was published and indicated he is not endorsing Leonard Mendoza.



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