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ABC School Board Endorsements: Elect Ethan Robinson and Reelect Lynda Johnson


Voters are urged to elect Ethan Robinson to the ABC School Board.

Robinson has been an active and vibrant part of the ABC Unified School District “community” for decades, as a volunteer, a former star athlete at Cerritos High School, as a parent and district committee member.

Most importantly to us is that we trust Ethan Robinson to be a school board who will be “above board” and “never above the law.”

Robinson is the brightest candidate in this small, but compact field of candidates.  He towers over the competition in this campaign, both literally, educationally, as well as figuratively.

Ethan Robinson will bring a needed change to the ABC School Board, one that we have pushed for during the past few years.

We also proudly and enthusiastically endorse the reelection of ABC School Board Member Lynda Johnson.

Lynda Johnson has proved to be an excellent school board member who has done her homework and has stepped up as a leader of the seven member governing body.

Lynda Johnson

Voters are urged to Return Lynda Johnson to the ABC School Board.

We like Johnson for being an “engaged” school board member who has visited all 30 campuses in ABC.

We also like that Johnson has a wide range of support from across the political and community spectrum.

Voters need to reelect Lynda Johnson for ABC School Board.

We have great concerns about challenger Soo Yoo and voters should as well.  While we appreciate her enthusiasm on the campaign trail, we do have lingering questions about the “for profit educational tutoring academy” she and her husband own and operate on Artesia Boulevard in Cerritos.

Yoo has actively recruited students who currently attend the ABC School District to participate and attend the Gateway Academy for a fee.  That’s a “no-no” on our candidate scorecard.

Incumbent Olympia Chen is also on the ballot. If voters want to keep the status quo, they we urge them to return Mrs. Chen to the school board.  Chen has been on the ABC School Board for 20 years.

We are also taking issue that candidate Daniel Fierro made the decision to drop his campaign, after the ballots were already printed. Fierro played the “political spin card” with the voters.  We will remember this when Fierro attempts another run for elected office in the future.  Pulling out of campaign after the ballots are already printed is “not cool” in our books.


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