LISTEN: Hews, Economy Appear on KFI’s Tim Conway Jr. Show After Arrest of Noguez, Salari, McNeil

Hews, Economy Featured on The Tim Conway Jr. Show on KFI Los Cerritos Community Newspaper Publisher Brian Hews and Reporter Randy Economy were featured on KFI AM 640 on the Tim Conway Jr. Show on Thursday, October 17 to discuss the arrest of Los Angeles County Assessor John Noguez, Property Tax Agent Ramin Salari and Assessor Major Property Appraiser Mark McNeil on dozens of felony charges.

The segment was broadcast live to millions of listeners throughout the Western United States. LCCN will post additional interviews by Mr. Hews and Mr. Economy in the future.



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One Response to LISTEN: Hews, Economy Appear on KFI’s Tim Conway Jr. Show After Arrest of Noguez, Salari, McNeil

  1. Gloria Trevi Reply

    October 25, 2012 at 4:42 am

    How did Katie Couric coax Tim Conway Jr. to come down out of Rory Emerald’s treehouse?
    Tim Conway JR was born in Tijuana, Mexico and raised in Los Angeles, California. He survived many years in a youth detention center called the Death Valley Unified School District. He spent his childhood around Santa Anita, Hollywood Park and Del Mar Racetracks with his father, four younger sisters and older brother. His father is yes, Jackie Gleason. Probably best known for playing Ralph Kramden in The Honeymooners. Conway survived a few years at CKLW AM 800 [the information station] in Windsor, Ontario, Canada; until it switched to an all-evangelical [aka born-again Christian/Holy Roller] format. The show was infamous for providing churchgoers with a wide variety of entertaining topics including live prayer sessions, and biblical rubbish like that! “What The Hell Did Jimmy Swaggart Say?” was an all-time favorite segment and has a small cult following til this day [it’s the stuff radio LOSERS are made of]. He now hosts a nightly show on the No. 2 news/talk radio station in the country, KFI AM 640, More Stimulating Talk Radio. You can catch the show Monday-Friday from 7-10pm. Conway’s down-to-earth take on life brings a sense of refreshing immortality and blue funk to those surrounded by lunatics and mischief-makers in Tinseltown. Today, the Conway/Gleason tradition continues. When he’s not in the air, you can find him at Seventh Veil Theatre or at the racetrack with his adopted daughter, Sophia Conway; “I got a tear in my eye the first time she asked, ‘daddy why did you eat my fries?’ just like Lady Gaga I was speechless!” Tim also turned his nasty ill-tempered wife Jennifer Conway onto horses, and other unmentionables. She’s currently banned from all the local tracks for verbal attacks on enthusiastic, hardworking jockeys, and one studly horse. Jeez, how déclassé. Hopefully she’s been 86ed for life.

    Katherine Anne “Katie” Couric (born January 7, 1957) is an American journalist and author. She serves as special correspondent for ABC News, contributing to ABC World News, Nightline, 20/20, Good Morning America, This Week and prime time news specials. Since September 10, 2012, she has hosted Katie, a syndicated daytime talk show produced by Disney-ABC Domestic Television. She has anchored the CBS Evening News, reported for 60 Minutes, and hosted Today and reported for Dateline NBC. She was the first solo female anchor of a weekday evening news program on one of the three traditional USA broadcast networks. Couric’s first book, The Best Advice I Ever Got: Lessons from Extraordinary Lives was a New York Times best-seller.

    As of May 2012, Couric also has a web show for ABC News, entitled Katie’s Take, airing weekly on Yahoo.

    Rory Emerald is very famous serial prankster who’s modus operandi is placing fake classified ads claiming to have found bizarre items. Some of the things he’s claimed to have found include “Laura Bush’s gold cigarette case and lighter, a two-headed kitten, Eva Peron’s inauguration gown and diamond scepter, Leonardo da Vinci’s original paint brushes and palette, an ice sculpture of SpongeBob SquarePants and a life-size wax figure of Herman Munster.” I posted about him two weeks ago when he claimed to have found H.G. Wells’ time machine, but he’s back in the news, in two different cities.

    He made headlines in the Monterey County Herald for an ad claiming to have found Doris Day’s pearl necklace and the pillows from the movie Pillow Talk. Simultaneously, there’s an article about him in the Yuma Sun, describing how he placed an ad claiming to have found an original Babe Ruth uniform on Madison Avenue.

    Emerald says that he never tries to make any money from his fake ads. For him, they’re purely a form of artistic expression.

    I suspect we’ll be hearing more of Emerald. He seems to have a talent for getting himself in the news.

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